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How to Help “Save the Inn”
Navarro-by-the-Sea Center

The Navarro-by-the-Sea Center for Riparian and Estuarine Research (NSCR) urgently needs funding to complete the renovations to save Capt. Fletcher’s Inn and reopen it as an interpretive center. We’ve been able to complete the critical stabilization work to prevent the Inn from collapsing, but still have a ways to go in completing the renovations. Critical tasks yet to be completed include installing a permanent roof to replace the leaking “temporary” metal roof installed in 2001, rebuilding the fireplace and installing a replacement chimney to bring heat into the Inn and dry out the moist conditions on the coast, restoring the wood floors downstairs, restoring the historic windows upstairs, and completing the interior interpretive displays.

Please consider making a generous contribution in our efforts to “Save the Inn”. The following form may be used to contribute to either Navarro-by-the-Sea Center or The Charles Fletcher Society for historical and genealogical research. All donors to the “Save the Inn” fund will be invited to the opening ceremonies, assuming we reach that goal. All major donors making a contribution of $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized in interpretive displays at the Inn and on our website, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please print, fill out and return the form below with your check. THANK YOU!

  • To make a contribution to The Navarro-by-the Sea Center, make your check payable to “NSCR”. Mail to: NSCR Treasurer, P.O.Box 1710, Mendocino, CA 95460. The Navarro-by-the-Sea Center is a non-profit, public-benefit, tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible, including those contributed towards saving the Inn.
  • The Charles Fletcher Society is concerned with the research of historical material related to Charles Fletcher, his Inn, and the town of Navarro, including the Navarro Mill, from 1851 to the present. Any information you have on the history of the area, or donations of artifacts or photographs of the area you wish to contribute would be greatly appreciated.


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